Give the gift of Gameseum

One of our area's most popular gifts year round! Great for any occasion... or no occasion at all!

One of the world's most universal gifts, where else can you find a gift that an 8 year old boy, and a 88 year old woman will BOTH enjoy?

These custom denomination passes can be split any way the recipient chooses... use a $30 value for 3 hour passes... or maybe an all-day pass and a snack?

Delivers DIGITALLY via e-mail within 24 hours: Print it out at home, or go paperless and show it on your mobile device when attending! Quick & easy!

Purchase below! Expires 1 year from purchase date, delivers to e-mail within 24 hours
(You will be able to fill in any custom dollar amount you desire on the next screen)

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*Delivery e-mail should be your e-mail if you would like to print it out and give your gift in person, or forward it yourself. Otherwise, you may enter their e-mail address. IT IS SOMEWHAT RARE BUT IF THE GIFT IS NOT RECEIVED WITHIN 24 HOURS, PLEASE CHECK THE "SPAM" FOLDER TO THE ASSOCIATED E-MAIL ADDRESS - THE E-MAIL PROVIDER (OUT OF OUR CONTROL) MAY HAVE RE-ROUTED IT BY MISTAKE.

Extra secure payment: Payment information is processed directly via PayPal (including credit/debit option - powered by PayPal), and is passed DIRECTLY into PayPal's secure widget and is not set to, nor through, our website whatsoever.

The usual fine print: NOT FOR RESALE - RESALE WILL VOID PURCHASE AND VALUE OF CERTIFICATE(S) WITHOUT REFUND AND BAR YOU FROM PURCHASING CERTIFICATES IN THE FUTURE. Expires 1 year from purchase date, non-refundable, non-transferable, no cash value, only usable during normal operating dates & hours. One certificate = one entry for one person for the time allotted. Additional charges in-person will apply if the recipient decides to stay longer than the value on the gift certificate allows for. "All-day play" is defined as free play for one person (per quantity) up until closing time that day (the amount of theoretical value in the pass is based on how the receiving person utilizes it, i.e. the person showing up at 12 hours before closing time will find more personal value in the pass than the one coming 1 hour before closing time, but that is "on them" to decide). Not a "gift card", no cash value and can only be used for redeeming timed admission and snack area items. Cannot be used for any other merchandise. Not for resale. Cannot be redeemed for, nor used to purchase, another certificate. By purchasing any quantity of certificates you explicitly agree to these terms!