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Welcome to Gameseum: Mega-Arcade & Museum!
Gameseum is a hands-on arcade and museum located at 27 N State St in Ephrata, Pennsylvania - right outside of world famous Lancaster, Pennsylvania! Pioneered and owned by Steven Van Splinter Jr., it features his personal collection of real genuine coin-operated machines from the 1940's, 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, and so on. Featuring around 80+ real machines and games you can touch and play (no coins required... keep reading!), you are invited to come take a trip back in time and re-acquaint with old and new friends, such as PAC-MAN, Ms. PAC-MAN, Galaga, Galaxian, Track N' Field, Asteroids, Vs. Super Mario Bros, Mario Bros., Space Invaders, Millipede, and much much more... plus a whole BUNCH of real pinball too!

ALWAYS "UNLIMITED": Using a proprietary system, we operate on an pay-per-hour OR all-day-pass admission basis. Our machines are all set and/or modified to be completely free to play during admission, so leave your coins at home! Pay a cheap, simple hourly rate (or purchase an EXTREMELY affordable all day pass) and play as much as you want! No coins or tokens to fuss with, just walk up and push start!

GENUINE MACHINES, EXPERIENCED SERVICE: This is the real deal down to the little details - these are the REAL machines that were in the arcades, pizza parlors, and movie theaters of the past 70 years! We saved, repaired, and restored so many of them for your enjoyment! Each arcade machine even features the original tube-style monitor screen, which our owner has learned the difficult and forgotten trade of professionally servicing the screens to keep the pictures bright and the play-experience as original as possible, instead of converting them to LCD screens. (which are great for television, but terrible for retro gaming!) It's just another way we go the distance to make your stay and best and most genuine it can be! Unlike other arcades, our owner is extremely experienced in arcade repair himself and services all of our machines on-site, often times same-day, for the best and most faithful play experience possible - ANY day of the week!

THREE CATEGORIES OF GAMING, UNLIMITED FUN: In addition to our dozens upon dozens of arcade and pinball machines ranging through many eras, we also feature gaming consoles for play. We keep an overstock of all types of games and machines in our collection to rotate into and out of our historic lineup, so Gameseum is always fresh and fun - while keeping the best classics and favorites in our public lineup 24/7 (no rotation for them), which combined makes for a perfect experience EVERY TIME!

GREAT FOR KIDS: Gameseum is an ALL-AGES facility - while we're considered a "museum", you won't break anything - so bring the kiddos! We have stools for younger arcade enthuiasts. HOWEVER, THIS IMPLIES PARENTAL/ADULT-GUARDIAN SUPERVISION. Kids of any age are welcome during any time of our operating hours, we (of course) do not have any restrictions on the kiddos!

CLEAN, SAFE, AND MODERN IN THE RIGHT WAYS: We work very hard to ensure our facility is clean, attractive, and fun! While many arcades were dank and dark back in the day, we "took the machines and left the uncomfortableness as a thing of the past"! Our facility is also very safe, and our unique admission-based system also prevents any loitering/mischief that gave some arcades of decades ago a bad image. Arcade experience... super upgraded! Our facility is super fun and super safe for families and individuals alike.

We're revolutionizing the arcade world: With a clean comfortable atmosphere and an "unlimited play" affordable hourly-rate admission price (no fussy coins needed!), arcades have never been this AWESOME! Stop by soon at 27 N State St in Ephrata, Pennsylvania!

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The term and name "Gameseum" is a registered trademark of Gameseum, LLC.

Address: 27 N State St, Ephrata, PA 17522